Hi, I am Jill Dasher, author of Shallow, Drowning in the Shallow End of People’s Approval. I am married to my best friend and partner in dreaming, Zach. We have the beautiful privilege of parenting five unique & uniquely flawed kids that keep life interesting.

There is no long list of accolades to include here that might trick you into thinking I am someone super amazing. No, I am just a girl who has realized that she does not have it all figured out. As a recovering perfectionist I should confess that I lived years of my life pretending to have it all together. This way of living not only led me to live a life of pretending, but simultaneously cut me off from experiencing the healing power that comes through confession. You cannot be healed of something that you refuse to admit is there. 



Years ago I began blogging about my shortcomings and struggles as a therapeutic means of coping with the fact that the only thing I have figured out is that I don’t have it figured out. Sharing my flaws became an outlet of freedom over my life that I had never known. I was free to quit pretending. True intimacy is being affirmed, loved, and accepted right where we are, even if that place looks rather ugly at times.

The story behind my story along with this book and blog is to simply share the redeeming power of God’s grace through my own process of restoration. Process meaning that I will always be a work in progress, moment by moment, and day by day.